The Walk


Today I choose to walk in the Spirit of The Lord.
Also, to not be left behind.
To dare with His daring,
Be scared of none scaring,
For in Him my soul unwinds.

It’s He who guides my steps
And makes paths straight before me.
Battles and scars.
Loves and wars.
These have been allowed to score me.

These wounds have strengthened me
And He’s never left my side.
I choose to care with His caring and share of His sharing.
And in Him always abide.

Today I choose to walk in the Spirit of The Lord
And in the strength of His might choose His Ways.
For all that He’s done I’m now called His son.
May I choose this walk all my days.

~Ryan McKinney

God Bless…

Photo Credit: Ian Sane
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What radio station are you listening to right now? I know, I know…… We don’t listen to radio stations man, we’ve got apps for that! Just stick with me here, let me make my point, then LIKE and COMMENT away!

I was in the car today and for whatever reason I was listening to the country music station. I know….. I know…. What is wrong with me? I’ve drawn these conclusions from my listening experience. That ain’t country music folks; country music is George Jones, Conway Twitty, Hank Jr., Merle, etc. That’s pop music that you’re listening to and calling country music. Another thing…. I betcha I can write a country song, heck you can too, we’re all living proof of those lyrics right now. And by the way, are there only five (5) songs on the radio or do they all just sound alike.

It really got me thinking…… What would radio have sounded like back in the day and how quickly would we change the station or possibly what would be so new and edgy that we just couldn’t quit singing. Not back in the day like 1970’s, I’m talking about God’s day here….. What would that sound like? What’s that DJ paying every hour on the hour? Is there a live remote In Jerusalem and what did “Caller #9” win? I know it’s a lot to ponder in traffic, but it just really made me do some thinking. Ultimately, It led me to one question……. What would God think about what’s going on in our world today? Spin that into everything in our lives today and share your thoughts with me.

WGOD Afternoon Rush Hour (Wednesday)
“Guess what day it is….. Ridin’ home with you and it’s nonstop nose to tail in J-Town, we’re donkey konged all along junction 316 in the Bethlehem, and no chance of getting anywhere quick for Jesus, Mary, or Joseph out on the old bypass headed into Jericho. Eye in the Sky Radar says there are two camels holding up the traffic out on the Crucifix Crossroads so slow down on your way into God’s country people. Hang in there and I’ll guide you home…… Keep it loud and local on the only station playing today’s hits…. Five day forecast with Noah and John the Baptist is up next with all your local baptisms.” (Something like that)

I did write that country song…… In 1994, during the Super Bowl, at Steve McCracken’s house.
“I’ve Got Tears In My Ears From Laying In Bed Crying Over You”

The Little Things


Happy Mothers Day to all of our mothers out there. These women are the embodiment of God in female form. Demonstrating love unconditionally, mercy and tenderness when needed and therefore are truly the female image of God. Thank you ladies!

Speaking of mothers… have you ever stopped to think about what makes them so special? I believe it’s all of the little things they do. Afterall, it’s the little things done in our lives that make the biggest difference.

We’ve all heard about the butterfly effect whereby one small action leads to another. Let’s not get into a theological discussion about it. Let’s just agree to say small things actually matter and can have a huge impact on our lives.

Isn’t it the little things that seemed to have mattered most though? Think back to the time that stranger paid for your lunch in the drive-thru. Did your day turn for the worst or for the best? Didn’t that little random act of kindness CHANGE the way you viewed the world for the day? Have you told that story to anyone? How the stranger did something selfless and the people of the world aren’t all bad?

Or how about the time you woke up from your accident and learned that special someone NEVER left your side? What about that time when out of the blue (and in one of your darkest moments) someone told you how special you are to them and why?

Don’t those revelations make the difference in how we live out or story? Of course they do. We never know truly where someone is in their lives or why God chooses that moment for you to act. This is not one of those hunky-dory, feel-good posts about being positive. Ok… ok… maybe it is, but still. I’m seeing this theme of “Little Things Matter Most” more and more in my Christian Walk.

What I hope you take from this is that your walk and your view of the world is YOUR choice. That’s one of the things unlocked by Christ’s work. He has restored our freedom of choice. We have the ability to choose to do good or not. I suppose we’ve had that since God granted us free will, but after Christ’s Ascension it becomes more of a responsibility. At least for me anyways.

You don’t have to be creative to do good works. All that’s required is to act on the Holy Spirit’s prompting. Doing good can be as simple as a smile or a hello. The fact is, many people walk through life with NO human interaction and are constantly bombarded by thoughts from the enemy. One kind word can make the difference in their day, their week, or their llife.

Am I so naive to think that I have the power to change someones’s life with a kind word or small gesture? No. I know I can. Not because of me, but because Jesus gave me that power. It is He who lives in me that has that power.

I love it when the power of the Holy Spirit comes on me and gives me that small gesture or word AND I have the guts to act on it. I love it even when I don’t get the gratification of knowing just how far that ripple will travel in the pond. Then there are the times when the ripple returns from the other side and washes over me… just when I need encouragement the most. That is the Holy Spirit at work as well.

As we celebrate this Mother’s Day, let’s take a moment to recount and remember some of the ripples our moms sent into the pond for us. Let’s send a few back their way today. God gave us the power to make big things out of little things. Let’s choose to use it for good. Little things… Matter.

God Bless…