Yes Sir!

Has God ever spoke to you in clear words? Meaning…. You actually felt Him in your presence, you heard His voice, and you had no doubts at all that it was Him. My belief is that believers will believe and most likely doubters will doubt. The deeper my faith gets and the stronger my personal relationship with God becomes the more I experience these moments…. I cannot be the only one; I cannot be alone in this conversation….

I believe in timing too, especially God’s timing. His timing, His will, His pace, etc. On this day (last Sunday) He picked the oddest place to give me that “nudge.” If you’ve experienced this form of God’s attention then you know what that “nudge” is all about. It’s a very clear and emotional feeling. It’s the greatest form of clarity that I’ve ever experienced and, for me, I don’t have to doubt that it happened, because it’s that real. OK…. Here’s the story!

In the shower before church Sunday (January 11, 2015)

Without notice, God appears…. He just shows up, I didn’t ask Him to be there, He was just there. Don’t get all weirded out on me, just block out the visual! It was simple; all He said was, “Put the soap down.” So…. I put the soap down. Duh! I felt Him right there, hand on my shoulder. All He said was this…. “You want it all?” I ain’t no dummy, so I looked up and said, “Yes Sir!” In that moment it felt like it was just God and me. Not just in the shower, but in the entire world. It felt that real and God made me feel that important. Then God said, “Then why aren’t you going after it Son?” There are no words to express what my reaction was like in that moment. God was gone and I was there alone with my thoughts and all I could do is shake my head in disbelief. Not in disbelief over the conversation, but because He was right, God was right! I was not going after it. Not as His follower and not in any other aspect of my life. The best way I could explain it to myself was that I had become comfortable with waiting on life to come to me. I had become like a magnet and I was willing to allow things to come to me and believe it or not I was getting by with that way of living/thinking. I had become average and, in my opinion, and that too was OK with me. Life as that magnet allowed me to attach to some things and it allowed some things to attach to me , but not the really important things, not the things that really matter. Who wants to be average? Who wants to just get by? Who wants to miss out on a life that is better than just mediocre? God was OK with it, He still loves me. He’s still going to provide and I’m still going to be faithful to Him. How many of us do that? How many of us are OK with just being average, with just being mediocre? A lot of us are. We’ll survive, but in that moment I think God was just making me aware that He loves me on a level that is more than just average, His love for me and my life is better than just mediocre. It was one of the best moments of my life. It’s changed my mindset and it’s provided me with the clarity that I’ve always wondered if I’d ever experience.

I really had no plans to open up about this, I had no plans on telling anyone about this either, but someone said something to me a few days ago and it’s been stuck in my head…. He was right, he was absolutely right! He said, “You never know who’s watching, we’ve always got an audience.” Maybe someone out there reads this, maybe they relate, maybe they believe, and maybe they pass it on to someone that needs to read it. In fact I want every person that reads this to share it with at least one person and I want you to ask that one person to share it with someone too. Not just Amber McKinney, she’s the one person I know in fact reads this stuff, but every one!

God Bless!


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