Footprints (9/30/2012)

The power of God can not be measured as far as I can tell….. I’d hope that all of us reading this have stories that we could share about God’s power, His grace, and His great will in our lives. I know I have several personal accounts that I’ve shared here and today I’ve experienced another one…… (Writing this on Thursday 9/25/2014)

To have a personal relationship with God is an amazing thing, and being able to share that personal relationship with other Christians on a high level is just as amazing. I have a heart pounding relationship with a handful of my fellow Christians that get God the same way I do and probably one of the best examples of that is Ryan McKinney. Ryan and I crossed paths several years ago and our bond has become increasingly more powerful through our passion to be better followers and leaders in our faith journey. Today, in a ten minute phone conversation with Ryan, God showed up. Ryan and I have had countless conversations about how to better do this blog, how to make it more than it is, when to write, how often to deliver it to you, etc. (BTW….. How do we make it better?) So….. During that conversation I wondered what it was I was missing today that I had in previous posts, years even. I went back and found this “Footprints” blog that I wrote almost two years ago to the date on 9/30/2012. After reading it (three times) I realized that my passion back then is still the same passion as I have now, I just don’t talk about it as much. Shame on me! As I read through the blog I realized that all the things I’m passionate about today are the same things I’ve been passionate about the entire time I’ve been on this journey. All the things I wanted to write about today are in that blog from two years ago….. The Bible. My relationship with God. My journey. My church. My small group. Take a minute to read the power of my words and join me in walk today……

God Bless!

pegadas matinais
Hey there!

As I read the bible today and even over the past several days I’m reminded that I’ve taken on some things that perhaps are significant to my journey and really seem to be increasing my value as a christian. I’m living a simple life, I’ve eliminated a lot of the stresses that were keeping me two steps behind, and now I feel two, four, maybe even six steps ahead. It’s a calm feeling, peaceful, and I feeling of being centered. I’ve never felt this way, nor did I ever imagine to. There is hope, there is faith, and there is a solid as a rock relationship with God; your God, my God, such a great God…..

I started this journey by reading the bible every; actually by listening to the bible every day. I added one thing that made a difference. I opened my mind, my heart, and I listened. OK, that’s three things! People around me became more than just people, they became my sisters and brothers in Christ. I started reading more and learning more; The bible is by far the best learning tool that I have ever owned. I wrote, every day I wrote. I cried, poured my heart into every thing I was doing. Everything. I shared my ideas, my thoughts, my journey, and my love for God with the people in my life that are important to me, important enough for me to reach out to and share my faith with. I followed my heart and it led me to a place that was foreign to me. It led me to the cross. The cross in the center of my church and the cross in the center of my heart, and about a month ago to a very emotional baptism. Now I’ve added a small group at my church; a group of adults just like me that just want to love God. We want to worship, learn, and react. Looking back on what I’ve just written, it’s almost as I’ve written about someone else. Amazing really; maybe not to you, maybe not to anyone, but as I sit here writing this I know have the words…..

On a very small scale, but yet one of great importance to me, I’ve become a disciple of Christ. How did this happen? Why me? Why now? Why not all the times before when I prayed for an answer? It’s simple. God does not always give us the answers in the form of a YES or a NO. Simply, His answer to me was NOT RIGHT NOW. I can not express to you or put into words what that feeling of accomplishment feels like. It all started with reading the bible everyday.

It’s never to late to get started…..

September 30, 2012 Bible Reading

Isaiah 60:1-65:5
Philippians 1:27-2:18
Psalms 72:1-20
Proverbs 24:11-12



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Simple Truths.

Every week I DVR a handful of televangelists just to see if there is something useful that I might wanna grab on to. You’d be surprised how many times their messages align up with what’s going on in my life. It’s also a great back drop to fall asleep to……

A few days a go I was playing catch up on my DVR and I heard a “sermon” called “Simple Truths.” It got my mind racing (more than normal) and I loved the examples that Joel Osteen used to explain the concept of simple truths in our lives. Seems to me that I take a lot of those “simple truths” and I complicate them, turning them into false truths, coulda, shoulda, wouldas….. God seems to really just lay it out there for me (and probably you too) at times, but I guess the devil is there blinding my vision. Those simple truths become twisted truths and then what started out as a no brainer, has now become a “you have no brain at all” moment. Please tell me I’m not alone with this feeling!

Sitting here, wondering about “simple truths,” a silly song from 1997 came to mind…… After listening to it I thought back to those years and I’m pretty sure I ignored all the “simple truths” in this song. Take a listen!

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Have a blessed day Friends!

#143 – Running With Confirmation

I Love You Too

Anyone remember the days before text messages?  You know what I’m talking about.  The days where “the cool kids” carried… pagers.  Yes, I know.  some of you are feeling icky.  That kind of icky you felt when you first saw your parents in those close circa pre-1980 and almost threw up.  Yes… let’s face it.  We are old.

Back to the pagers.  IF you carried one or knew someone that did you knew the routine to communicate.  You’d dial the pager, type in your number, and they would receive the message in numerical form.  Remember, I said the “Cool Kids” had these.  That means we all decided to cheat the system a little.  There was a SECRET pager code we spoke in.

It would go a little like this instead.  You’d call someone, type in the phone number you were near (land-line presumably since there were no hand-helds at that time), and then enter your words converted to code.  There were many creative ones, but the two that stick out in my memory were these.  9-1-1 meant call me in a hurry and 1-4-3 meant I love you.  The 911 is easy, but for you youngsters or oldsters I’ll break it down.  1-4-3 corresponds to the number of letters in I love you.

What the heck does this have to do with following God? Continue reading “#143 – Running With Confirmation”