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As I read the bible today and even over the past several days I’m reminded that I’ve taken on some things that perhaps are significant to my journey and really seem to be increasing my value as a christian. I’m living a simple life, I’ve eliminated a lot of the stresses that were keeping me two steps behind, and now I feel two, four, maybe even six steps ahead. It’s a calm feeling, peaceful, and I feeling of being centered. I’ve never felt this way, nor did I ever imagine to. There is hope, there is faith, and there is a solid as a rock relationship with God; your God, my God, such a great God…..

I started this journey by reading the bible every; actually by listening to the bible every day. I added one thing that made a difference. I opened my mind, my heart, and I listened. OK, that’s three things! People around me became more than just people, they became my sisters and brothers in Christ. I started reading more and learning more; The bible is by far the best learning tool that I have ever owned. I wrote, every day I wrote. I cried, poured my heart into every thing I was doing. Everything. I shared my ideas, my thoughts, my journey, and my love for God with the people in my life that are important to me, important enough for me to reach out to and share my faith with. I followed my heart and it led me to a place that was foreign to me. It led me to the cross. The cross in the center of my church and the cross in the center of my heart, and about a month ago to a very emotional baptism. Now I’ve added a small group at my church; a group of adults just like me that just want to love God. We want to worship, learn, and react. Looking back on what I’ve just written, it’s almost as I’ve written about someone else. Amazing really; maybe not to you, maybe not to anyone, but as I sit here writing this I know have the words…..

On a very small scale, but yet one of great importance to me, I’ve become a disciple of Christ. How did this happen? Why me? Why now? Why not all the times before when I prayed for an answer? It’s simple. God does not always give us the answers in the form of a YES or a NO. Simply, His answer to me was NOT RIGHT NOW. I can not express to you or put into words what that feeling of accomplishment feels like. It all started with reading the bible everyday.

It’s never to late to get started…..

September 30, 2012 Bible Reading

Isaiah 60:1-65:5
Philippians 1:27-2:18
Psalms 72:1-20
Proverbs 24:11-12



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Not So Saved?

363/365 Unveiling His glory

September 29 Bible Reading

Isaiah 57:14-59:21
Philippians 1:1-26
Psalms 71:1-24
Proverbs 24:9-10

Do You Ever Feel… Ya Know… Not So Saved?

Sorry for the 1980’s TV Commercial reference… (showing my age i guess). It makes a valid point when you add saved to it. There are times when we all lack the feeling that our Salvation brings.

We feel like this: “If I am saved, what for… what I”m dealing with is awful” or “I must have done something wrong to lose my Salvation, because I can’t see it right now.” or simply “I’m just not sure about this anymore.”

Well, my friends, today’s reading is for those times. Write this one down on your grocery-bag book cover (really showing my age now, huh?). Write them on the doorframes of your houses and on your gates. (Deuteronomy 6:9 NIV). If you are so inclined, get one of those sticker thingies for the back window of your car. Put this somewhere you can see it! The quote I will give you in a second is so good you will want to have it handy. Hey… you might even want to remember this one!

The enemy will come after you and one of his best assaults on us is to make us believe that this is all unreal. Another of his favorite assaults (because let’s face it it works) is to get us to believe that this is indeed real, but we “missed a step” in the Salvation process. Friends, you CANNOT LOSE YOUR SALVATION. That is a lie from the enemy.

None the less, when he comes and whispers that thought into your mind be ready. Try this because it has worked for me and it will work for you too. Use what we read yesterday… Your Armor of God.

Start by saying out loud (YES OUT LOUD. Evil spirits cannot read your mind, you have to TELL them to leave you alone as Jesus did!), “I reject the thought that I am not Saved (here is your helmet of Salvation). I am Saved by the Blood of the Lamb (Belt of Truth and Shoes of the Gospel) I do NOT agree with that thought (Shield of Faith). You are exposed (here comes that Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God Part) because the Bible says:

being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. (Philippians 1:6 NIV)

BANG! That blow to he enemy and his demons will send your attacker running. Remember, to send the attacker to the feet of Jesus for Judgement.

If all of this sounds kind of weird to you, I understand. It did to me too at first. That is because I was so far removed to what really happens as a result of living a spiritual life. I was so far from being in touch with the true Spirit God put within me.

God Bless…

The Armor of God

063 - old knight

September 28 Bible Reading

Isaiah 54:1-57:13
Ephesians 6:1-24
Psalms 70:1-5
Proverbs 24:8

We come across one of my favorite passages in the Bible today. Ephesians 6:10-19. There are many reasons it is one of my favorites, but the one that comes to mind most often is that life as a daily battle. Just like a gladiator suiting up for battle, we must cover ourselves in prayer each day. When you realize that we are born into a world at war, you can understand how you need this Spiritual Armor daily. Sounds so melodramatic… I know. It is true, however, and whether we accept that fact or not will not change it. This passage is part of a prayer that I try to pray every day. Think about this passage today as life begins to throw things at you!

Here is the passage…

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Prophecy of Jesus and Movers


September 27 Bible Reading

Isaiah 51:1-53:12
Ephesians 5:1-33
Psalms 69:19-36
Proverbs 24:7

Right now there are people in our home packing it up for us to make our move to Charlotte. Seeing the boxes stack up is a little overwhelming sometimes and then I realize how blessed I am. God knows this is our adventure and He has prepared the way for us. How much more overwhelming would this move be without God? I cannot even imagine. I’m thankful for the movers too!

Makes me think about today’s reading. In Isaiah we see the prophecy of Jesus today. How glorious our King! What compassion God has for us! What Love Jesus exhibited in His act of love on the cross. This is the God of the Universe and the King of Kings we are talking about.

Makes me smile that even with things as important as saving all of mankind for His Glory that He remembers how much I need Him today and how great of a help these movers are.

God Bless.

The Calm In The Storm


September 26 Bible Reading

Isaiah 48:12-50:11
Ephesians 4:17-32
Psalms 69:1-18
Proverbs 24:5-6

The Calm In The Storm

It’s hard to see it. That calm in the storm. Especially when you are in the middle of that storm. All of us get overwhelmed with life from time to time. We find ourselves in the throws of battle… the fog of war in this world and we simply… forget. We forget that no matter what we have going on that Jesus is bigger than the situation. It is the Way we carry out the King’s work for us that we will be remembered for on this earth and in eternity.

As life nips at your heels and deadlines loom, remember that God is in control. God is in control and He is passing off some of that to you. That doesn’t mean He’s left you to handle the situation alone. It means He’s letting you hold the wheel while you sit in His lap and drive. He knows that you are not capable of handling all that He handles so well. He knows that you will “scrape your knee” a little in this life. We should know that He is ALWAYS with us. He loves us as our Dad.

We must remember to put off the old man as Paul says today in Ephesians. Put off that worry and concern about looming deadlines and “next steps” we must take. Put those worries down because we are new creations in Christ.

The eye of a Hurricane is the calmest place they say. Sounds like something God would do! To find that peace… that “calm in the storm” we must battle through the garbage by simply setting it down and moving towards God. It is, after all, in the middle of our crises that we find ourselves on our knees talking with God.

…and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness. (Ephesians 4:24 NIV)

God Bless

By Wisdom A House Is Built

Build a Modern Birdhouse

September 25 Bible Reading

Isaiah 45:11-48:11
Ephesians 4:1-16
Psalms 68:19-35
Proverbs 24:3-4

By Wisdom A House Is Built

I LOVE the way the Bible speaks to me. Some of you are aware that Amber and I are in the middle of moving our family to Charlotte NC as the result of a new job for me. We have looked at several places to live and believe that building may be the best option because of many factors. As I seek the counsel of God it is hard to not ask for a sign from Him. I do ask Him to speak to my heart and give Him permission to let the message in.

“God needs Ryan’s permission?” you might ask… God doesn’t need my permission to speak, but He has given us free will to accept His messages to us. By definition, we must allow the message in. Better yet, we must allow His messages to penetrate our thick skulls and callous hearts. No… God doesn’t NEED my permission to speak, but if I’m not listening… He’s not going to make the effort.

I digress… Recently, I asked God for guidance on what to do about a home for us. Today’s proverb, in its own special way to me, was an answer from God.

By wisdom a house is built,
and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled
with rare and beautiful treasures. (Proverbs 24:3, 4 NIV)

How Does God Speak To You?

When God speaks to you, how does He do it? From what I’ve read and experienced personally, God rarely does things the same way twice. For example, Jesus didn’t heal the blind the same way not one time in the Gospels and God didn’t deliver the Israelites from their enemies the same way twice. Jesus did, however, heal many blind people and God delivered the Israelites from danger and death countless times while they were in the desert for forty years.

How does He speak to you? Wait a minute… DOES He speak to you? The proper question is, “are you able to hear God speak to you?” If you hear from God regularly in whatever way, share it with the group at our Facebook Page. If you are unable to hear from God and want to, I recommend reading
Hearing God, by Dallas Willard

Starting Fresh

Enveloped (Explored)

September 24 Bible Reading

Isaiah 43:14-45:10
Ephesians 3:1-21
Psalms 68:1-18
Proverbs 24:1-2

Starting Fresh

It can be difficult sometimes to understand how you can just… “Start Fresh”. But a fresh start is what most of us not only crave in this world, but desperately need. If only we could start over. If only we could do “this” again with same knowledge and experience we have now. Why can’t we just… well… start fresh.

We can. Jesus came and died for our sins. That is not the end of the story. At risk of sounding extremely cliché, that is really the beginning. He came to heal the broken hearted and set the captives free. Is that supposed to be the end??? WHY would Jesus come to heal the broken hearted and set the captives free? Just because? No. Of course not. God does things with PURPOSE. He came to die for our sins, heal us, and set us free so we can be with Him. He desires fellowship with us. He wants to really KNOW us. He doesn’t want to do that with the baggage we have built up in our lives so… so He freed us from it.

Jesus freed us from the baggage in our lives (that we created by walking without Him) so we CAN walk with Him. Think about THAT. The Almighty, Sovereign God of the Universe wants to know ME? And He’s willing to redeem ME to do it?

The hard part is that our human minds have become so accustomed to linear time that we cannot understand this vicious cycle we live in of sin-ask for forgiveness-sin again-ask for forgiveness, etc… Jesus died for ALL of our sins BEFORE we were born! That doesn’t give us license to do what we want without consequences. What it does do is give us a Fresh Start… Everyday. What a gift from our Maker!

Start Fresh today… Start fresh EVERYDAY by renewing your mind in Christ daily. Isaiah is talking about redemption today and it got me thinking about this fresh start. God IS in control and He knows better than we do. He has freed us yet we DECIDE to stay in bondage to our past because we don’t accept this fresh start He’s given us. Why not? What is stopping you? No. Seriously, what is stopping you from starting over today? Whatever you find in the way of you and Jesus, pray about it and ask God to reveal to you how to begin anew as HE desires.

God Bless.

~ Ryan