Thanks Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day! Make sure today you tell your mom how much you love her and if you’re a mom I hope you have a great day…. You’ve earned it!

What makes our moms so great? What is it that gives them these super powers that scream out….. “IT’S GONNA BE OK!” For me I experienced the life difference it makes when you have a strong mother in your life at a young age. Over the years I’ve pushed my own mom to the limit and then some. At no point in my life (I’m 42) did I ever think that I’d play the role as the parent in my relationship with my mom, but life happened and I currently find myself taking care of her the same way she’s taken care of me.

What are the qualities that most of us have inherited from our mothers? In my life you have to be careful asking that question because my sister will tell you that we (my mom and I) are just alike! Hey on her good days I admit to it, on her bad days heck no! Seriously, I think she just taught and shown me that we are all full of successes and failures, but the difference is making the very best out of the highs and minimizing the lows. Failure is gonna happen, but knowing the page still turns gets me through to the next chapter.

Yesterday I heard my mom say something and right there in that moment I realized exactly what my mother has taught me…. It’s the way she loves God and the way she knows that God remains faithful despite where she finds herself in her life. She told her aunt, while hugging her after a family get together, that she was going to be OK and that God will heal her. She said “I’ve got faith, that’s all I need!” In that moment I think that was my proudest moment in a long time. She’s right…. Faith is all we need.

I do know that someone reading this does not have their mother with them today and to those I will tell you that she may not be here physically with you today, but she is still always with you. Friends, love your moms and be proud of them!

God Bless


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