Clarity in the Six O’Clock Hour….

Sometimes I believe that God is with us in those lonely and desperate moments in our lives…. Having clarity during those times has always been a challenge for me; maybe it is for you too. Rather it’s the past chapter, the current chapter, or a future chapter in our lives I believe that God has a plan for each of us. I know that there are believers and non-believers that will passionately agree and disagree with that vision and I’m OK with that. Tonight, as I sat in my church and took notes on a sermon themed, “Defining Moments,” I knew that my defining moments are a great mixture of successes, failures, frustrations, difficulties, and even triumphs. Friends, simply put, I think some of our story may be already written, but a great part of it may not yet be lived. I’m proud to be here and I hope you are too. Wake up! Look around. We are still here!

God Bless!