Thirst For True Guidance

To Beseech TheeThirst For True Guidance

I have to admit. Today, I was terribly confused on what to write about. Hopefully, what the Lord intended comes through. I did struggle with these two battling themes that seemed to pop out in scripture today.

Guidance and Thirst. We see Absalom searching for guidance and I thought that was it. However, the Holy Spirit kept revealing to me the word “thirst”. After much prayer and consideration I felt todays reading was about the thirst for good guidance.

The thing about Absalom, David’s son, is that he seems to

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Acceptance of Truth

04-10-2009Acceptance of Truth

Scripture can be a scary thing for those that do not absorb God’s Word regularly. After all, that is why I believe God has me writing this blog. My job is to make the scriptures as “unscary” as possible.

In the beginning of this assignment to bring people to daily interaction with the scriptures, I wasn’t sure it was even an assignment. I wasn’t sure of much at all except the fact that I had come to know the Lord through His Word. When I finally accepted this assignment, challenge, mission, or whatever you want to call it, I began to see what God has had in store for me.

Today’s reading contains a lot of “acceptance”. King David decides to accept the insults thrown at him and Jesus accepts an unjust sentence to die. But why? The both did it for

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You’re Just Zealous

Footsteps in SandYou’re Just Zealous

Have you ever realized that you stand up for doing what’s right only to shrink back and let someone else handle a situation when it gets really tough? Have you ever been the leader of a group, either in position or manner of respect, and realized that you would rather let someone else handle the crisis at hand?

The reading today shows us how our zeal for Christ can easily be replaced in our hearts with fear… IF we don’t stay on guard. There is a stark contrast between

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Memorial Day Memories

20120528-073653.jpgMemorial Day Memories

Today you will no doubt be reminded many times to pause, take a moment, and remember those who have served our country with their lives. As you take your time to pause, spend a moment thinking about what drove them to do what they did… Service… Honor… Love of Country… Love of Fellow Man… Freedom.

All of these valiant characteristics are noble reasons to pay the ultimate sacrifice. These traits are hard-wired into our souls because God put them there. Reading the Bible daily is a way that helps me to remember each day the sacrifice that Jesus paid for me to have my Freedom as well. Freedom from bondage and tyranny of this world and the Freedom that Christ offers.

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The Moment of Conviction

20120527-082400.jpgThe Moment of Conviction

A ton of bricks… Punched in the teeth… Popped in the mouth… That’s what the moment of conviction feels like. You’ve believed your lie so whole-heartedly that the moment of conviction almost seems like a surprise to you. You would probably even throw yourself down the well if you thought you were talking about someone else.

The moment of conviction I’m talking about is that moment that the Lord reveals to you that you were wrong AND you realize it all at once. What happens in scripture today is very profound. We can all find ourselves in this story. I encourage you to read the story of David today, then Jesus’ continued promise in John using the links below. Once you’ve read it, pause. Take a walk, go for a drive, or just do something alone so you can really think about the places in your life that you have felt that moment of conviction. Better yet, ask the Lord to reveal to you those places going on in your life right now that find you on the wrong side of right. When your done… come back… we’ll wait… Come back and read the rest of today’s reading. If you read it or listen to it all at once, no worries. Just take a little time to pause and think it over today.

And Now What You Came For…

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Remain In Him

passionfruit vine - close upRemain In Him

Reading the Bible each day is a way to begin a new adventure each day. It is also a way that we as believers can feast on the Word of God and stay closer to the Lord.

In fact, in our reading today, Jesus tells us about our relationship with Him and how we are to Remain in Him. There is a ton of stuff going on in scripture today including Adultery, Murder, Fighting, a War, Noble Actions, Betrayal, Instruction and more…

And Now What You Came For…

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I Promise…Really

Promise?I Promise…Really

I promise. How many times have you said this phrase in your life? Usually, I find myself saying “I promise” when I haven’t done a very convincing job of my abilities in the past. Goes something like this.

“I will make sure I ______ this time… I promise.”

Well, today’s scripture spoke to me about promise. God’s promise. In 2 Samuel we see God’s Promise to David that his son would build a Temple for the Lord. In John we see Jesus make a promise to send the Holy Spirit to us as a counselor, comforter, and guide. In Psalms we see what “promise” can do. Don’t forget the Proverbs… always powerful, pure, profound, and true.

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