No Turning Back….

Life as a father of a “tween” daughter is getting very interesting these days…. The conversations that I have with my 11 year old daughter (Lauren) are literally all over the map. We talk and laugh about things that can go from what’s on Disney Channel to her using big words I probably didn’t even know at her age, then straight into her telling me that she wants to visit Paris, then no it’s Italy…. I won’t even get started on the physical changes that she’s going through and yet I still do not own a gun…. Will a baseball bat work? Will that keep the boys away? OK….. Focus. Focus.

I often tell people that I didn’t just get to where I’m at with my faith overnight, it was a huge struggle in my life for many years. I think I’d be pretty accurate in saying that I adopted my parents faith/faith habits and it was very later on in life that I came into my own as to who I was (faithfully speaking) and what my relationship with God is defined as. One of my goals as a father of now a son (Tyler) that will graduate from high school in 77 days (WHAT!) and then Lauren going into middle school is that I want to be their anchor when it comes to their faith. I want them to know and to understand that life will not always be so easy to navigate through, it won’t always come to them so easily, sometimes they will have to go after it. Making mistakes in my life makes it easy for me to tell them what I don’t want them to become. I just want them to be more, have more, experience more…. As parents isn’t that our biggest goal and dream for our kids; don’t we want them to trump our successes and minimize their failures?

Lauren and I are on this faith journey together it seems…. Her interest in our church and her love for God is clearly there and I’m excited that this summer she’ll experience her first church camp, possibly experience baptism, and then middle school! I’m not sure who’s more excited/scared, me or her! In her own words, she said that she’s excited but scared at the same time.

I picked this song out for Lauren…. The words “No turning back, I’m moving on, not looking back. I’m giving Him all that I have. Though I may wander I am not lost, so many distractions, but I look to the cross.”

Have a blessed day friends!