3 Simple Steps For Priority Recalibration

532076662_55fac597b9_mWant To Know How To Get It All Done?

What are the top 10 things on your To-Do List today?  How are we supposed to grow, get things done, and engage with what is important to us?  Whether you keep an active To-Do List in your pocket, on your phone, or swirling in your head chances are you have one.  I’d be willing to bet that on most days, you don’t get to everything on that list.  I’d bet that most days you have a couple of things from that list that seem to constantly get moved to the top of tomorrow’s list.

In the spirit of full transparency, this post was due on Wednesday.  Not next Wednesday.  The one that happened three days ago.  Now, I know you were all waiting with baited breath for this week’s installment.  I’m sure I disappointed many of you.  I can tell by the stack of emails I received titled “WHERE’s THE POST?” and “LATE AGAIN?” in my unread email folder.

All kidding aside, the point is we are busy.  We are very busy.  Ok, we are way to freakin’ busy to engage the way God intended.  At least, I am.

I hit this point a few times each year and it tells me it’s time for a priority check.  I sat down this morning and did just that.  I won’t bore you with my list.  That’s not the point of this post.  The point is,

Busy-ness is the ENEMY of ENGAGEMENT

As I was having some prayer time with Jesus the other day, the Holy Spirit spoke those words to me.  I was quietly thinking about all kinds of things and asking Jesus how I was supposed to get it all done.  The words just whispered across my lips and hit me like a Mack truck.

Here I am asking God how I am supposed to get all of this stuff done AND do it well,  Then the answer just whispers across my lips.  God was telling me I’ve painted myself into a corner again.  I’ve not been INTENTIONAL about the things I am supposed to ENGAGE in and I’ve allowed myself to get distracted with busy-ness.

There are things that are essential to our lives and there things that are important.  Those things are very different, but because we don’t make this distinction we get confused.  This is why priorities are so hard to set properly.

3 Simple Steps For Priority Recalibration

1.) List Your Priorities As They Are
Right down the big things that are important to you.  God, Family, Friends, Work, Church, You.  Then rank them.  Then rank them like no one will ever see them.  I say that because our “natural selves” (the one we are dying to as we become more like Jesus each day) will fight you and on the first iteration tell you to right down what others expect.  You may need to write this list several times to get your honest answers.  The key is to write them down as they truly are today.

2.) List Your Priorities As You Would Like Them To Be
Now that you’ve realized you won’t die from taking a long, hard look in the mirror you can write the list the way you’d like it to shape up.  This is where you put the list in the order you feel it should be.
Hint:  It probably looks like the first iteration of the previous list.  Just sayin’.

3.) Compare the Lists
Take stock of the differences in your lists.  Commit to paper the things that you do not have room for and pray through how to establish the new list.
Hint:  You need to pray against distractions to your priorities.

Distraction Alert:
If you are like me and most of the rest of the world, you are easily distracted.  Squirrel!  See told ya.  Distractions come in the form of fun, technology, and new adventures to only name a few.  I know I sound like your high school coach, but you need to ask yourself EVERY TIME something new comes your way,

Does This Align With My Priorities?

And be relentless.  Make sure you don’t mistake sticking to your guns with NEVER trying new things.  You need to try new things to grow, but the new things need to fit within your happiness bucket.  That means aligning with your priorities.


NOW, I’m off to follow my own advice.

God Bless…



Derrick Moore

Here’s what I know…. God is everywhere; He’s in our homes, He’s in our cars, He’s in our work places, He’s in our classrooms, He’s in our churches, He’s in our lives. Constantly. There is no better feeling to me than that of knowing that God is the same today as he was yesterday, He’s the same today as He will be tomorrow. God is the same in those times of tragedy as He is in those times of triumph. God is constant.

I know I may catch H-E-Double Hockey Sticks for the video I’ve posted below, but stick with me, there’s a story behind it. I’m pretty sure that people that are in my life know that I’m a die hard Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket. I call my team “The Best Damn College Football Team in the State of Georgia!” Is that true? Well, not on most college football Saturday’s, but always in my heart. I stumbled across something the other day and it just woke me up! It was a moment that I wished I had been present for, as in real time! Derrick Moore is the man in the video…. At first glance you’re gonna think he’s the defensive line coach, but in actuality he’s the Chaplain for my Yellow Jackets. He also played in the NFL for three seasons with the Carolina Panthers and the Detroit Lions. He’s no lightweight…. This guy was a legit baller and in his day (1991) he set the NAIA single season rushing record at Northeastern State. This guy is passionate, His words are powerful, and his message came through to me loud and clear!

“The Guy To Your The Left, The Guy To Your The Right…..”
Now imagine Jesus and His 12 disciples arm in arm…… God’s Team! How powerful is this message to you? It hits home with me and I’m sharing it with multiple people in my life. With my son a few days ago at lunch we watched it and chuckled because Georgia Tech actually lost the game after that pre-game pep talk. I shared this with my sales team at work yesterday, and although they weren’t too enthused with a Georgia Tech video to close out our meeting, I know they received the message…. We’re brothers. we’re family, and sometimes it takes a guy like Derrick Moore to express that for us!

God Bless Us All!

God’s Little Adventures

20130504-153705.jpgWhat is Adventure?

Adventure.  What comes to mind when you hear the word adventure?  Death defying swings on a rope across a canyon?  Running through an unfamiliar forest to find your way back to civilization? Or running through a city with the cure in your hands, the clock ticking down, and sick people at the end of your journey?

This is what Hollywood tells us adventure is.  You know what?  Hollywood is right. (on this.)  Adventure is the stuff that gets your heart moving.  Adventure has the element of danger.  It has the sense of promise and despair floating in the air together.  When we think of “fun” we often mean adventure.  Water park slides, roller-coasters, bungee jumping, sky-diving, etc.  Things that thrill us.  If you could add a pinch of purpose and a dash of honor to that roller-coaster ride you’d have TRUE adventure…  Just like Indiana Jones hunting down the Lost Ark.

Life is not a problem to solve, but an adventure to live.  ~John Eldredge

How Does That Relate To Me?

Have you ever thought about your life as an adventure?  Let’s face it, many of us have not.  We get up, go through the routines, come home, go through more routines, and crash in the bed exhausted.  We actually feel further from adventure by living like this.  We do this to reward ourselves with a few hours on the weekend to really live.  You know… watch football, hang out with friends, go to a movie… real adventure.

Now that my bout with sarcasm is over I’ll tell you my little secret.  My life IS an adventure.  I’ve been a Christian for a long time.  Although I gave my life to God at age 12, I didn’t begin living as a Christian for many years afterwards.  In fact, I lived in defiance of many of the Christian principles.  Sometimes unknowingly and sometimes not-so-unknowingly.

When I decided [and I mean I made an active decision] to follow Christ my life became an adventure.  I know it sounds hokey.  I can’t even believe I just wrote that, but it’s true.  My view of the world changed.  Many of the “challenges” I faced didn’t appear to be adventures at first, but in hind-sight they were.  Countless times I was challenged with obstacles in my life.  Tough career choices, decisions about how to support our growing family, and many others.  I began to realize I couldn’t do life alone.  Everywhere I turned came up short of what I needed to get through the challenges including myself.  My only place to turn was Jesus.  I learned that it isn’t one decision to follow Christ that we must make.  We have to constantly make active decisions to follow Jesus.  Even in our thought-life.  We must even take our thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ.  I learned that this adventure called life comes at a price.  If we want true freedom, Freedom in Christ, then we have to fight daily for it.

Where The Battle Begins

When God first created man, man was both spiritually alive and naturally alive.  Adam and Eve received a command from God.  “Do not eat of this tree or you will surely die.”  They did not fight the flesh that said, “How beautiful this fruit is.  It must be tasty.”  Adam did not fight the world (others around – Eve) that said, it looks good and I’m eating some so you should too.”  They did not shut the devil down when he instigated the whole thing by lying and saying, “You will not surely die. Besides, it’s good for knowing things.”  Nope.  They chose not to fight to keep God’s command and what happened?  They sinned and died.  They didn’t die naturally yet, but they immediately died spiritually.  Their sin or separation from God was a choice that they made.  As a result they lost the sense of true freedom of being spiritually alive with God.

From that day on, man-kind was born naturally alive and spiritually dead.  Then because of what Jesus did in His crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension we have the gift by His grace to receive spiritual life again.  We may be born again, spiritually.  That is definitely Good News… in fact, it is THE Good News.  That covers our spiritual birth ever so briefly, but what about our natural selves?

As Christians we are dying to our old, natural selves each day and becoming more like Christ.  We see ourselves being made new again and again with every passing day.  When we follow Christ, we aren’t just taking a stroll to watch pretty fall leaves change colors.  He’s guiding us through unnavigable terrain. He’s taking us back through the gorges of our mistakes.  He carries us when we cannot walk across the burning lava of grief.  He helps us cross the canyons of doubt and shame.  He puts a sword in our hands to fight the demons of our past and conquer ourselves for His glory.  He’s taking us on an adventure… Our lives.

What’s Your Adventure?

Are your eyes opened?  If not, you are safe.  Shrouded in your view of ONLY the natural world.  You don’t have to feel bad or good about anything.  You are free to live without God.  He has granted you that.  Or have you chosen to truly follow Christ? Not just with your lips on Sunday mornings or bumper stickers.  I mean in your EVERYDAY life.  I mean even when it’s so scary you want to cry.  I mean when you are about to look the other way when you see that person steal.  Or when you are about to spread that juicy story about your co-worker and you have to ask Jesus for the courage to shut down the rumor.

Yes, those are little adventures too.  Are you ready to face those down as well as the big challenges in your life?  Are you willing to turn to Jesus then too? Are you willing to grab that rope from HIm and swing to the other side of the hell you’re facing?  If you are ready all you need to do is give your heart to Him.  Profess it.  And begin at your beginning.

Ask God this prayer: “Dear Lord Jesus, I honor you as my sovereign Lord and I want to follow you.  Be gentle with your servant and show me the way.  I praise you for loving me and I thank you for allowing me along on this adventure.  I give all that I know of me to all that I know of you.”

Be brave.  He’s got you in the palm of His hand.



Footprints (9/30/2012)

The power of God can not be measured as far as I can tell….. I’d hope that all of us reading this have stories that we could share about God’s power, His grace, and His great will in our lives. I know I have several personal accounts that I’ve shared here and today I’ve experienced another one…… (Writing this on Thursday 9/25/2014)

To have a personal relationship with God is an amazing thing, and being able to share that personal relationship with other Christians on a high level is just as amazing. I have a heart pounding relationship with a handful of my fellow Christians that get God the same way I do and probably one of the best examples of that is Ryan McKinney. Ryan and I crossed paths several years ago and our bond has become increasingly more powerful through our passion to be better followers and leaders in our faith journey. Today, in a ten minute phone conversation with Ryan, God showed up. Ryan and I have had countless conversations about how to better do this blog, how to make it more than it is, when to write, how often to deliver it to you, etc. (BTW….. How do we make it better?) So….. During that conversation I wondered what it was I was missing today that I had in previous posts, years even. I went back and found this “Footprints” blog that I wrote almost two years ago to the date on 9/30/2012. After reading it (three times) I realized that my passion back then is still the same passion as I have now, I just don’t talk about it as much. Shame on me! As I read through the blog I realized that all the things I’m passionate about today are the same things I’ve been passionate about the entire time I’ve been on this journey. All the things I wanted to write about today are in that blog from two years ago….. The Bible. My relationship with God. My journey. My church. My small group. Take a minute to read the power of my words and join me in walk today……

God Bless!

pegadas matinais
Hey there!

As I read the bible today and even over the past several days I’m reminded that I’ve taken on some things that perhaps are significant to my journey and really seem to be increasing my value as a christian. I’m living a simple life, I’ve eliminated a lot of the stresses that were keeping me two steps behind, and now I feel two, four, maybe even six steps ahead. It’s a calm feeling, peaceful, and I feeling of being centered. I’ve never felt this way, nor did I ever imagine to. There is hope, there is faith, and there is a solid as a rock relationship with God; your God, my God, such a great God…..

I started this journey by reading the bible every; actually by listening to the bible every day. I added one thing that made a difference. I opened my mind, my heart, and I listened. OK, that’s three things! People around me became more than just people, they became my sisters and brothers in Christ. I started reading more and learning more; The bible is by far the best learning tool that I have ever owned. I wrote, every day I wrote. I cried, poured my heart into every thing I was doing. Everything. I shared my ideas, my thoughts, my journey, and my love for God with the people in my life that are important to me, important enough for me to reach out to and share my faith with. I followed my heart and it led me to a place that was foreign to me. It led me to the cross. The cross in the center of my church and the cross in the center of my heart, and about a month ago to a very emotional baptism. Now I’ve added a small group at my church; a group of adults just like me that just want to love God. We want to worship, learn, and react. Looking back on what I’ve just written, it’s almost as I’ve written about someone else. Amazing really; maybe not to you, maybe not to anyone, but as I sit here writing this I know have the words…..

On a very small scale, but yet one of great importance to me, I’ve become a disciple of Christ. How did this happen? Why me? Why now? Why not all the times before when I prayed for an answer? It’s simple. God does not always give us the answers in the form of a YES or a NO. Simply, His answer to me was NOT RIGHT NOW. I can not express to you or put into words what that feeling of accomplishment feels like. It all started with reading the bible everyday.

It’s never to late to get started…..

September 30, 2012 Bible Reading

Isaiah 60:1-65:5
Philippians 1:27-2:18
Psalms 72:1-20
Proverbs 24:11-12



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Simple Truths.

Every week I DVR a handful of televangelists just to see if there is something useful that I might wanna grab on to. You’d be surprised how many times their messages align up with what’s going on in my life. It’s also a great back drop to fall asleep to……

A few days a go I was playing catch up on my DVR and I heard a “sermon” called “Simple Truths.” It got my mind racing (more than normal) and I loved the examples that Joel Osteen used to explain the concept of simple truths in our lives. Seems to me that I take a lot of those “simple truths” and I complicate them, turning them into false truths, coulda, shoulda, wouldas….. God seems to really just lay it out there for me (and probably you too) at times, but I guess the devil is there blinding my vision. Those simple truths become twisted truths and then what started out as a no brainer, has now become a “you have no brain at all” moment. Please tell me I’m not alone with this feeling!

Sitting here, wondering about “simple truths,” a silly song from 1997 came to mind…… After listening to it I thought back to those years and I’m pretty sure I ignored all the “simple truths” in this song. Take a listen!

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Have a blessed day Friends!

#143 – Running With Confirmation

I Love You Too

Anyone remember the days before text messages?  You know what I’m talking about.  The days where “the cool kids” carried… pagers.  Yes, I know.  some of you are feeling icky.  That kind of icky you felt when you first saw your parents in those close circa pre-1980 and almost threw up.  Yes… let’s face it.  We are old.

Back to the pagers.  IF you carried one or knew someone that did you knew the routine to communicate.  You’d dial the pager, type in your number, and they would receive the message in numerical form.  Remember, I said the “Cool Kids” had these.  That means we all decided to cheat the system a little.  There was a SECRET pager code we spoke in.

It would go a little like this instead.  You’d call someone, type in the phone number you were near (land-line presumably since there were no hand-helds at that time), and then enter your words converted to code.  There were many creative ones, but the two that stick out in my memory were these.  9-1-1 meant call me in a hurry and 1-4-3 meant I love you.  The 911 is easy, but for you youngsters or oldsters I’ll break it down.  1-4-3 corresponds to the number of letters in I love you.

What the heck does this have to do with following God? Continue reading “#143 – Running With Confirmation”

Thanks Kid!

The words of one of my favorite songs starts like this, “Make me broken so I can be healed…..” That’s exactly where I was about two (2) years ago. I was broken. The song’s lyrics say, “Make me empty so I can be filled….” I was just about as empty as I could have ever imagined; empty in my eyes, maybe not in God’s, but in my own I was beyond empty. The chorus of the song is powerful to me….. “Til You are my one desire. Til You are my one true love. Til You are my breath, my everything. Lord, please keep making me….” It’s seemingly taken me forever to realize that God is my one true love! That He has never given up on me and that He constantly and consistently is my one true desire!

A few days ago (Friday 8/29) I was struggling. I was having a bad day, I was over whelmed, and I just felt alone. That’s when it happened; that’s when God showed up…… A few months back, when my mom was in the hospital for her first surgery with the colon cancer I experienced something powerful. Every day, for 25 straight days, I heard that song. It was usually as I pulled into the parking garage at the hospital. After about 5 days in a row I began to wonder if it was just a coincidence, or was God maybe there in the car with me. I drove different cars, took different routes, I even tested God and turned the radio off, but still the song was there. It would bring me to tears and I would feel every word as if God was speaking each individual word to me. On day 25 I got nervous…… I was parking the car and no song. Just as I went to turn the ignition off it started playing. Teary eyed I prayed and told myself I would never listen to the radio again on the way down there. Day 26 never happened, my mom came home. Today I came full circle with that song…..

After leaving my office (Friday 8/29) I got in my car and ran some errands and just as I normally would I turned the radio on. Just as the sound came on, the song came on. I was in tears to the point that as I sat in traffic, at a red light, I was too consumed with my tears to notice the car to my right. We were side by side….. A mother driving one of those fancy SUV’s, with a three, maybe four year old little boy in the back seat. He was sitting behind her seat….. Not sure why, I always liked me kids on the opposite side, but whatever, my OCD isn’t part of the story! The kid and I locked eyes and as we did he began to cry, I could visibly see his tears. He saw mine and when he did he put his hand on the window, almost like he was wanting to hold my hand. I stretched over to my passengers window and spread my palm onto the window just like his. We literally sobbed together in that moment and I felt God’s presence warm over me. It may have only been for as short as 30 seconds or less, but I felt it. The image of that little boy is forever etched into my heart.

I had my blog written already, just waiting for today to get here…… It’s been almost two (2) years since my baptism and that’s what I wanted to share. God stepped in…… To that little boy, whereever he is, thanks kid you absolutely made my day!

Here’s my song…….