The Shield of the Faith | Armor of God | Part VI

20140730-071709.jpgIn my experience, faith is one of the most difficult words to define. I have heard it used in the Bible interchangeably with Trust and Belief. That doesn’t make it easier to define, but it does give the word some context.

We may not be able to define those words easily, but we all know what it’s like to experience them. In the Bible Belief, Trust, and Faith are mostly interchangeable and that will help in my attempt to bring them into focus.

One of the best examples I’ve heard was from Dr. Neil T. Anderson in his book, Overcoming the Darkness. Dr. Anderson said faith in practice is like a traffic signal. We all believe that when the light is green that we can safely pass the intersection. We Trust that others are obeying the law and stopping for the red lights.

In other words, we Believe that we will be ok if everyone follows those laws. We believe it so strongly that it becomes automatic. We don’t even think about having to BELIEVE that anymore. We just KNOW we can go safely through a green light.

That works until something happens to break that trust like an accident. If speak with someone about faith in other drivers at traffic lights that’s been in accident… well you can guess how their faith would stack up.

When our Faith in God is strong and we know that His promises are true, nothing can rock that. Sure, our faith gets tested from time to time, but what’s important is that we access the strength Jesus provides us through His grace.

Faith is like a muscle. The more you exercise it, the more it grows. In order for your faith to grow, you must allow it to by tested by constantly seeking the Holy Spirit’s Guidance AND accepting the challenges He may propose in your everyday life. It’s like Jesus is standing there… just beyond “safety” motioning us into an adventure with Him.

Did you know your Faith is a weapon of defense? That’s right. Your Belief, Trust, and Faith is a defense against the “unholy trinity”. The world, the flesh, and the devil. When the enemy begins an attack, your Shield of Faith is designed to protect you. If you haven’t exercised that Faith muscle, you may have a tiny shield. Heading into the thick of the battle of life, would you rather have a shield the size of dinner plate or one the size of tractor tire?

Exercise your Faith daily by asking the Holy Spirit to invite you deeper into Him. It will not only prepare you for the battle, but it will also give you a life filled with colorful adventure.

God Bless…


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