I’m Going To Make Some People Mad

August 26 Bible Reading

Yep. I said it. I’m going to make you mad…

You see… In Church this morning, Pastor Mike Moses preached on something I’ve been praying about. Living Room. A few weeks ago he spoke about “creating margin” in our time, talents, and treasures so we would have room for God. Before that I was asking you and everyone I know to be praying for Revolution365.org and direction for it. It all is coming together now. And a lot of it came from his message this morning.

I need to reconnect with God before I can get REAL direction on what this blog should and will be. Today in Pastor Mikes message, he spoke about creating room by removing “Drain-nos”, “Tech-Nos”, and “Oh-Nos”. Drain-nos saying “no” to people that drain you with self-created drama or drag you into gossip. Tech-nos are saying “no” to too much technology. (TV, Facebook, Smartphones, etc.) “Oh-Nos” are over loading on good commitments. None of what he was talking about is bad itself. It’s when we fill ALL of our time with these things that we edge out the room to have an intimate relationship with our Maker.

So… I’m going to try a little something. For one week… I am going to step back from all of it. BEFORE YOU FREAK OUT, this is not permanent and you WILL get your daily reading link each day. I will automate that part and keep a loose eye on the blog via friends and family to make sure post show up like the are supposed to.

I’m not doing this because I’m lazy. I’m doing this to GAIN some time with God. To step back, take stock, and share my heart with God. I will begin reposting on Monday next week with actual blog posts. Until then stay tuned, read your Bible, and I’ll see you in week.

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God Bless…


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